Photo Restoration

What is photographic restoration?


Photographic Restoration is the process by which I can return your much-loved images to their former glory. More specifically, I use digital restoration to create a new photograph of the highest quality, by rebuilding the original that you provide. I am able to leave the original version completely untouched, and create a digital replica so that your memories can be preserved.

Why is it important?


I have over ten years’ experience in this field and have restored a large number of photographs, many of which have been estimated at over a century old, and would likely have been lost forever without a careful restoration process to preserve their worth in a new, digital format. We acknowledge and honour history by protecting images of the past and ensuring that they will be able to be enjoyed by generations to come.


The process of digital restoration is the safest and most reliable method of restoring or recovering a photograph, and it ensures that the original version remains unaltered.


What services can you expect?


I offer a variety of services:


    •    Photographic restoration

    •    Retouching

    •    Photocopying

    •    Printing

    •    Enlargements

    •    Reproduction

    •    Scanning negatives

    •    Re-colouring of old black and white photos and passport photos.


If you opt to use the most updated paper and pigmented inks, the restored print will be of museum quality, and with proper care, can last forever.



I also offer a mail-order ‘print and post’ service, and provide free delivery service in the Cairns and Tableland areas- please enquire for details.



Call us today (0447 496 183) to have your special memories restored and protected forever!

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