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by Michael Petersen



As the city of Adelaide begins to stir under the soft glow of the rising sun, I find myself entranced by the ethereal beauty that unfolds before my eyes. As a Cairns and North Queensland photographer known for my architectural prowess, I am drawn to the urban landscape like a moth to a flame. Join me in this blog post as I share my personal journey of chasing the early morning light, where urban architecture, captivating light, and a vibrant palette of colours converge.

A Tapestry of Vision: Immersing in Architectural Splendour

The world of architectural photography is a treasure trove of angles, textures, and perspectives waiting to be unveiled. Adelaide's landscape, with its juxtaposition of historical grandeur and modern innovation, is a playground for my lens. From the intricate facades of heritage buildings to the sleek lines of contemporary skyscrapers, each structure tells a story. With every click of the shutter, I aim to capture the soul of these structures—their history, purpose, and the emotions they evoke.

Bringing Cairns to Adelaide: A Photographic Fusion

Originating from the tropical landscapes of Cairns and North Queensland, I approach Adelaide's urban milieu with a fresh perspective. The lush, vibrant colours of my Cairns roots meld seamlessly with Adelaide's more subdued tones, resulting in a photographic narrative that marries two distinct worlds. It's this fusion that infuses my work with a unique character, reminding viewers of the interconnectedness of diverse environments.

Harmonizing with Dawn: The Enchantment of First Light

The early hours before the city awakens hold a special allure for photographers. It's a time when the interplay between light and shadow paints the world with a magic brush. As I navigate Adelaide's streets under the tender caress of dawn, I am captivated by the transformation that occurs. The buildings once shrouded in darkness, slowly come to life as the first rays of light grace their surfaces. This dance of illumination and obscurity creates an enchanting visual symphony that fuels my creativity.

Colours as Emotion: Crafting Stories Through Pigments

In my photographic journey, colour takes on the role of a storyteller, speaking emotions that words sometimes fail to express. The changing hues of the sky, the reflections dancing on glass exteriors, and the vibrant accents of street art—all contribute to the narrative I wish to convey. Subdued pastels evoke tranquillity and nostalgia, while bold splashes of colour mirror the vivacity of the city. Through colour, I strive to paint feelings and memories on the canvas of my photographs.

Closing Thoughts: A Melody of Elements, My Ongoing Muse

Chasing the light in the early hours through Adelaide's urban expanse is akin to playing a symphony with the elements of architecture, light, and colour. As a Cairns and North Queensland photographer, my lens acts as a bridge between my origins and the urban marvels of Adelaide. In each photograph, I aim to capture not just the physical structures but the essence of the city itself—the stories it holds, the emotions it stirs, and the quiet moments that often go unnoticed. With each click, I preserve a slice of Adelaide's urban soul, inviting viewers to see the city through my eyes and forge their own connection with its beauty.

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