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 Photographic Restoration Service

A very old wedding photo
A photo restoration of the wedding photo done by MichaelPetersen photography

Cairns, Mareeba and the Atherton Tableland

photo restoration.

What services can you expect?

· Print photos from your phone

· I repair damaged photographs

· I restore and reprint old and faded photographs

· I resize photographs and reprint them on museum quality media

· I supply high resolution digital files that you can print or share with your family

· I scan your colour or black and white film negatives and print to the size of your choice.

· I re-colour old black and white photos.

Light restoration from $45 up to $85 for large heavily damaged photographs.

All my prices include the printing of the finished document and digital files on a USB memory stick.

All printing is done in house that way we can guarantee your restored photo will last another lifetime.

I also offer an Australia-wide mail-order ‘print and post’ service, and provide free pick up and delivery service in the Cairns and Tableland areas- please enquire for details.

Scanning photographs for email please use minimum 300 dpi where the finished print is the same size as original and 1000 dpi for photographs that you would like enlarged, just contact me to confirm you scanning resolution.

The process of digital restoration is the safest and most reliable method of restoring or recovering a photograph, and it ensures that the original version remains unaltered.

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Restored black and white photo
A example of photo restoration and re-colouring of an old photo
Family photo restoration by Michael Petersen photo restoration services
Original old family photo


A restored family photo
Example original old photo
 restored wedding photo of a bride
Original photo Herberton Hotel
A restored and recoloured photo of the Royal Hotel in Herberton by Michael Petersen
Cairns, Mareeba, Atherton, Australia,Photo Restoration Service
Photo Restoration early plane landing in Cairns 1911

Why Restore Your Old Photos Now

The advancement of technology paves the way for many things in this world today. One is giving old photos a completely different look, turning them to their best possible form, shape and appearance. Photo restoration has been very popular nowadays, not only because it is highly available and not as expensive, but also because it has many benefits.

Benefits Of Photo Restoration

Some think this process is unnecessary, particularly for photos that do not look too old. There are many reasons why images get restored, and to name them, read the following:

It keeps the family history

People restore photos because they want old photos to look brand new and modern, especially for photos taken during the older times when photo printers could not produce high-quality images.

It keeps the family generation alive as images get restored to like new. Through this process, families can introduce their little ones to their ancestors, even in photos. They can see them and get a more defined idea of how they look, compare their features to theirs and so on.

Why would you throw the beautiful memories away if there is a way you can preserve them and show them to the next generations ahead?

To preserve where things started.

The world today revolves so fast; construction is almost everywhere, the peaceful fields before were turned into busy villages or business centres, and old things were forgotten by many who believe that what they see today are the originals. With the help of photos, you can remind everyone of the difference between yesterday and today and show them where everything started and how things change as time goes by.

Photo restoration Cairns offers services that can bring back the things and memories already forgotten. Let them restore photos today before it is too late.

It helps to remove fading, scratches, folds and tears

Because of time, photos fade, get scratched, fold and tear. Sometimes, even with how hard you keep them, there is always a chance that any of the mentioned defects may occur. Through the restoration, all these will be gone, turning old photos into their best and perfect appearance.

If you want your photos to turn to their best quality, have them restored.

Important in electronic storage and sharing

Other than restoring old photos, you can convert them to digital images. Through this format, pictures can easily be stored in a device and shared with family members and friends anywhere in the world.

Photos can now be kept in storage facilities like memory cards, flash drives and CDs. Retrieving images and adding more images can quickly be done.

Posting it on your social media account, sharing it through email, and other digital sharing forms are now possible because photo restoration made it doable.

It is beneficial to historians.

Yes, it is highly beneficial to historians. Photos age and fade, but we can restore them to their best state. There are so many things to discover in photos; through restoration, those that are already hard to see can be found and identified.

It can help in completing the missing parts of the photo

Because of time, some parts of the pictures may have gone away, and it can be a body part, a small detail in the image. This missing part can be fixed through restoration, making it look the same as the original picture.

Sometimes, people would like the photo to be edited, like adding a person who is not there or changing the entire background of the image.

As long as you hire Michael Petersen photography's Atherton Tableland photo restoration service, you will be more than satisfied.

To help you find the best photo restorer to do the job, here are some things you need to consider when looking for one:

Has been in the industry for a good number of years

With the many photo restorers offering the same service, no professional can last in this industry if, in the first place, they are not good at what they do. The longer they are in the industry, the more services they render and the more experiences they acquire to recreate photos far better than those who are just new in the industry.

Has proven their capabilities as photo restorers

There are many ways to confirm how good they are with what they do and also the quality of work they produce, some of which are the following:

- Recommendations from your family and friends

Is there anyone from your inner circle hired a professional photo restorer? If so, it would be best to ask for recommendations and, if possible, personal’s

 check their work.

The people around you are your most trusted source of information. Hence, make sure that you consider it when they make a recommendation.

Charges fairly

But of course, as you consider the rates, you must not forget that quality of work is always your utmost priority.

Michael Petersen photography's Mareeba photo restoration can do the work fast.

The faster they can do the work without affecting the result, the better as someone who wants to see their photos restored at the earliest time possible, waiting for a long time is not an option. Hence, if there is someone who can do the work fast and at the same time delivers high-quality restored images, 

hiring them is indeed a good choice.

Restoring old and even newer photos is a good idea and can offer many benefits, and if you have found the right professional to do the job, do it now before your photos completely fade away.

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